Thursday, 14 November 2013

Geometric Monochrome

I often browse through prints and patterns on Google images to get ideas for nail art, pretty sad, I know! I like to look at how different designs and colours work together. Recently I stumbled across this image and had to have a go!

The original pattern is very complex so firstly I simplified it. By taking some of the busy-ness out of the patten it enabled me to replicate some elements and retain the same style. As my nails are so small it would have looked a complete mess if I'd tried to include all the detail. 

Due to the complexity of the design I chose to stick to two accent nails and a monochrome colour scheme. The polishes are trusty Barry M Black and White. For the design I debated between a nail art pen, which is thinner but messier, or a striping brush, which creates neater straight lines. Eventually I chose to use a nail art pen as the lines needed to be as thin as possible. I randomly placed the lines, making sure they interlocked and filled the space evenly. 

I'm really pleased with the end result and definitely intend to do this again, can't wait to mix it with neons in summer!



  1. I love how you've simplified this! Monochrome mani's always look great! :)

    1. Thanks! Simple but effective! We love a bit of monochrome at this time of year. xxx


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