Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cocktail Tart

So it appears I may have a temporary striping tape obsession. I've been admiring manis created using striping tape for so long that I'm bursting with ideas to try. 

Since the clocks have gone back everything seems that little bit darker. It's so depressing that the sun sets at 4 o' clock now! Instead of switching to autumnal shades, this change in seasons has be yearning for the brights of summer. 

In order to satisfy this desire I teamed up my two favourite Essie shades. Tart Deco is a gorgeous bright coral colour, which I wore a lot over summer. Cocktail Bling is a soft grey which is verging towards a purpley tone. 

I painted a base layer of Tart Deco and let it dry completely before applying three strips of striping tape. I kept the design simple as I only wanted the coral to peak out from behind the grey, and not be the main colour. I then added a coat of Cocktail Bling over the tape before peeling it away while the polish was still wet. Finished off with a coat of Seche on the top, this is a quick and easy mani which looks gorgeous (if I do say so myself!). 

The simplicity of this design lends itself nicely to smart wear as well as casual. I have plans to recreate this in nude and black for an office-friendly look. For even more subtlety you could try a matte base colour underneath a gloss layer of the same polish. Remember not to add top coat on that though!



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