Saturday, 2 November 2013

Checked Tutorial

I first tried a checked mani in my Grazia Nail Wheel and was suprised with how well such a simple design turned out. I wanted to try checked as a full mani, and thought you might all like a tutorial at the same time.

I chose Barry M - Cappuccino for a base, and also used their black nail art pen for the detailing. 

Step 1 - Apply base coat, and two thin layers of your chosen colour
Step 2 - When the base is dry draw three vertical lines across the nail using a nail art pen or striper brush
Step 3 - Draw on horizontal lines perpendicular to the first ones
Step 4 - Fill selected boxes in black, none of these should be touching each other
Step 5 - Draw lines between the filled in boxes, keep them parallel to the initial lines. This should leave some black squares. Apply top coat and you're done!

And here's how it turned out...

This is a simplified version of checks, you can also add other colours to the mani to make it more complicated. I really like this design on a red background.

Let us know how you get on if you give this one a try!



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