Monday, 14 October 2013

Roses Are Red

For the past few weeks I have been challenging myself to try designs that I haven't done before. Partly to improve my skills and also to give you lot something interesting to look at!

With the help of a hand model, Marielle, last week I tried out big roses. We chose to stick to the traditional red, but jazzed it up a bit with a sparkly accent nail. I was intending to add a leaf here and there, but forgot my green varnish, oops! I'm actually quite glad though as I think it looks nice and neat without. 

These were surprisingly easy to do and we were very happy with the results. I started with a nude base on all the nails and then added a couple of coats of red onto half of each nail. Both the reds are from our (vast!) Barry M collection. Once dry I used a small brush to draw on the rose outline, starting in the centre and working my way outwards. The good thing about flowers is that they are all different, and each nail does not have to be a perfect replica of the others.

I liked this design so much I tried it again this weekend on my boyfriend's mum! However, this time we chose to incorporate it into a mixed design. The rose was an accent nail surrounded by a dotty design. Instead of the traditional red we used Barry M (again!) 'Cappuccino' which Emma earlier reviewed here.

The rose looks completely different outlined in white, but we were just as pleased with it. I'd also like to try the roses in pastels, and not forget the leaves!

What's your favourite rose-based nail art design?


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