Thursday, 3 October 2013

Nail Inspo: Boom Nails

As I'm new to the nail art blogging world I only just discovered Boom Nails, needless to say I was absolutely blown away!

We love to share ideas, taking inspiration from other nail artists and adding our own twists. I was inspired by Emma's line-based designed and so thought I would give it a go. I used some of her designs combined with a few of my own. 

Instead of a monochrome base I went with a soft fade using Models Own Raspberry and Utopia. This was my first fade attempt using the technique of painting the two varnishes onto a make up sponge before printing them directly onto your nails. Previously I have always used a standard household sponge to add the tip colour onto a solid base. I like the softer gradient the make up sponge method achieves, but it is quite messy. If you have the time to clean up the excess varnish around the nail, then I'd recommend this way. If you're in a rush, the household sponge method is almost as good.   

Here's a fade I created using the household sponge method. As you can see, the finer the sponge the softer the gradient.

How do you create the perfect fade?


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