Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Marbling Madness

Marbled nails are everywhere at the moment, and I've been thinking of trying them for a while. I was put off by a few things - the mess, unclear tutorials, and lots of comments from people who had tried and failed!

However, this week I stumbled across a brilliant tutorial on Beauty Bay comprised of a video and accompanying step by step photos. The clear and concise instructions made it seem easy and worth a go. The only reservation they didn't conquer was the mess, so I just had to suck that up!

I chose an evening with plenty of time to spare, collected my material - small plastic tub, room temperature water, three varnishes, cocktail stick, nail varnish remover, cotton pads and cotton buds, and got started.

Step 1: Paint nails with base coat (I forgot to apply the moisturiser as recommended by Beauty Bay)

Step 2: Drop a drip of polish on to the surface of the water. Quickly repeat with your other colours, aiming for the centre of the last drop each time. A great hint for this was to ensure the lids are loosened on all your bottles to help you work fast as the varnish dries on the water very quickly.

Step 3: Drag a cocktail stick through the colours to swirl them, this creates the marble effect. Avoid the outer layer as it is likely to have started to dry already.

Step 4: Place your nail against the varnish and push down into the water. You can use the cocktail stick to remove excess varnish before bringing your finger out of the water.

Step 5: The clean up! Plenty of cotton pads and buds were harmed during this process.

Step 6: Perfect the look with a coat of your fave top coat - Seche Vite for me!

 The Finished Product!
So clearly I'm no water marbling prodigy, but I'm quite pleased with my first attempt. I also, only had to re-do one nail which surprised me. I was only planning to do a nail or two on each hand, but once I'd started I found it a little bit addictive. I still have no idea how people get it so neat, and I've even seen some ladies get the exact same marbled pattern on each nail!!

For this mani I used Models Own Bubblegum (I love this fluoro shade!) teamed with Barry M Black Multi Glitter and Matt White. 

Despite my reservations I really enjoyed creating this mani. It was really fun to do, and I will definitely be trying it again - I'm tempted to try a rainbow effect next. Have you tried water marbling yet?



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