Saturday, 26 October 2013

Grazia Nail Wheel

This week I have been inspired by Rachel at Monkey Nails. Rachel created a whole wheel of nail art based on cuttings from one Company magazine and posted the gorgeous result on Twitter. We are always looking for things to inspire us and I thought this was such a great idea that as soon as I got home I set to work.

I chose October's Grazia and was not disappointed. My nail wheels have 18 nails on them so I knew I had to get a fair number of clippings to fill a whole wheel. I needn't have worried, by the end of the magazine there were at least 25 ideas on the table and I had the task of choosing the best.

The cuttings came from all parts of the magazine, style, beauty, accessories and even adverts! Some of my favourites include the LuLu Guinness lips satchel, Toni & Guy pink dip dye and the Prada rings.

I tried to take elements from each cutting and translate them across to nail art, in some cases this was creating the same patterns, in others it was combining the same colour combos. Some worked better than others but I had such a great time doing it. Quite sadly I found it really exciting challenging myself and filling the whole wheel with new ideas.  

One of my favourites is the blue eye nail. This was inspired by the cutest little handbag and was accompanied by another, winking, eye. My brand new Rimmel 'Mind The Gap, Victoria' blue polish was the perfect base colour and I did the detailing with Barry M nail art pens. I couldn't find who designed it though so if you've seen the bag please let me know! 

Another fave is the pink on pink lips nail, inspired by a Vivetta lips-motif cardie. It's so quick and easy to do, I used a Barry M pink as base, and nail art pens for the lips. 

The red and black check was one of many checked cuttings, I had to narrow it down to just one. As it was my first proper attempt at checked I decided to stick to a simple colour scheme and my new Barry M nail art pen made it super easy to do. I'm definitely going to try this on a full mani!

I found it such good fun trying out new patterns and designs, and beauty magazines are just packed full of them. I could fill a whole new nail wheel from the same magazine! This is something I will be doing on a regular basis from now on and I urge you to give it a go.

Which one is your favourite?



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