Monday, 7 October 2013

Dahlia Nails in Good Housekeeping Magazine

Dots are one of the simplest nail art designs out there. We love them as a full mani or as an accompaniment to more complicated designs like our Cath Kidston floral nails. 

Earlier this year we were asked to create a red and white vintage nail for a Good Housekeeping Magazine photo shoot. Dots were the obvious choice and turned out perfectly! The simple pattern is subtle and stylish so complements the focus of the image well. 

All you need is a dotting tool or nail art pen and you're good to go! After your base coat apply two coats of your chosen polish. When dry, add a line of dots vertically across the middle of your nail. Add lines of dots either side ensuring that they are evenly spaced across the nail. If you're using a nail art pen remember not to squeeze too hard. This helps to keep the dots a nice regular size and shape, and also reduces the risk of a bubble ruining all your hard work. 

Finally, once the dots are dry apply a generous layer of Seche top coat. This is the best top coat I've found as it doesn't smudge your designs. Be careful not to put your hands in hot water for a while afterwards though, as the Seche is prone to shrinking a little and pulling your polish back from the edge of the nail. 

Here are a few other dotty colour combos I've tried...

How do you wear your dotty nails?



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