Tuesday, 8 October 2013

5 Autumn Ready Shades

Autumn is my favourite season. Probably because I was born in October. This autumn I wanted a different kind of palette to the one I usually wear and so banished the berry, mustard, and teal shades and opted for these lovelies instead. 

Threadbare, Topshop - This is one of the most used shades in my collection. It is a very pale nude that works well with my pasty skin but also works well as a pale cream for those of you blessed with darker skin tones. 

Rosewood Pink, Models Own Pro - I'm not sure if this colour is still in production but I absolutely love it. It is the shade that I had wanted Chanel's Khaki Rose to be (do you remember that Chanel collection?) as it is the prettiest dusky pink that is girly but in a grungy kind of way. Perfect shade for this season. 

Midnight Mystery, H&M - I am a big fan of H&M polishes because I love the colours. Jo is not really a fan of the formula as they tend to chip quite quickly but I don't wear polish long enough to notice! I love this navy shade and I find the new H&M bottles apply really well as the brushes are a bit flatter. For some reason though I really hate the name! 

Cappuccino, Barry M - Yes I have mis-spelt this on the photo but that is because I went by the spelling on my bottle and it is wrong (I can show you proof if you want!). Anyhoo, I love this shade as it's a taupy/mauve shimmer that works with almost any outfit. 

Sew Psyched, Essie - This was my first Essie polish and it was love at first sight. It's a great khaki green and applies like a dream. I love this colour for autumn as it works well with the clothes that I wear around this time of year: cream, grey, burgundy, navy and black. 

What shades will you be rocking this season?



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