Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pink Gets Me High As A Kite

1.Neon Pink 2.Shocking Pink 3.Kingsland Road 4.Bright Pink 5.Raspberry 6.Pink Sapphire Glitter 7.Grapefruit 8.Pink Crackle 9.Strawberry Ice Cream 10.Pink Flamingo
Pink is THE colour to be wearing this season. What better way to incorporate it into your wardrobe than on your nails? It would have taken me a good few days to lay down every pink in my collection so I thought I'd just share my Barry Ms with you this time.  

I do love a good Barry M polish. The formula is so good for the price and lasts well. They have exciting ranges and are constantly en vogue with their effects. I'm a big fan. Hence why I have ten pink polishes from them (seriously, who needs ten pink polishes, let alone from the same brand?). 

My fave shades from this collection are Pink Flamingo (probably my most used pink), Strawberry Ice Cream, and Raspberry. Pink Flamingo is particularly good for this season as it is quite a classy tone. 

How will you be wearing the trends on your nails?



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