Monday, 30 September 2013

Lush Leopard Print

I don't wear a lot of leopard print clothing, but it is one of my favourite nail art designs. It's quick to do, incredibly versatile and, most importantly, looks great! 

Leopard print can be as garish or subtle as you like, making it a style suitable for any occasion. I have found the perfect office-friendly combination, which can be achieved with any colour of your choice. I chose a black base coat for a classic look and covered this with a matte top coat. Once the base layers were dry I drew the leopard outline on with a gloss nail art pen, and voila!

There are only three steps to achieving perfect leopard print nails, and the best thing is that a bit of messiness just adds to the effect!
  1. Apply the base colour of your choice
  2. Add roughly spaced spots of your accent colour
  3. Draw un-completed circles around the spots, and fill any gaps with extra markings
I find the hardest part of leopard print is choosing my colour combination, so I've included a few of my favourites below.

What's your favourite colour combo? Be sure to tweet us your leopard creations @dahlia_nails!



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