Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cath Kidston Floral Mani

We love the pretty colours and feminine prints used by Cath Kidston, and they are just perfect for nail art. From simple spots or stripes, through to detailed roses and patterns, there is something for everyone.

This week I was asked to do a manicure for a work colleague, which gave me the perfect chance to try out my latest Cath Kidston design, inspired by these prints.

We settled on a peppermint base colour with white dots on three nails. The two accent nails on each hand both featured roses. One centered in a white scalloped edge frame, surrounded by tiny dots, the other was a less detailed full floral nail. 

To create the dots I used a white nail art pen. My trick is to start with a central vertical line and then work outwards. Remember not to squeeze the pen too hard, this will help ensure the dots are a regular size and shape. 

For the full floral nails I started with pale pink spots painted directly onto the nail with the polish brush, they don't need to be neat! I then used a small brush to draw petal shapes onto the spots with a darker pink, and highlighted with the white nail art pen. Again using the small brush, I painted two or three leaves around each rose in a solid green. The photo below shows you each stage of the process, it's really easy, give it a go!

The feature rose nail was the most difficult. I drew the scalloped edges by eye using a nail art pen which is why it's not as neat as it could be. I found that the tiny dots around the shape helped to frame and neaten it a little. Once the white area was dry I drew the rose on using the same method as before, but this time I left room for a stem and more leaves. 

What's your favourite Cath Kidston print?


P.S. I love that the colours in this mani match our blog!


  1. LOVE these nails! So cute :D

    Olivia xxx


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