Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Going Abstract With O.P.I

I must admit I didn't really know where I was going with this design. I saw something on @just1nail's Instagram where she had done a glitter fade with a stripe blocked out and sort of adapted that idea. I've been looking for new ways to use O.P.I ColorPaints so this seemed like a good chance to break them out again. 

I started with a white base and then blocked out a stripe in the middle of each nail using striping tape. If you're trying this remember to wait for the base to fully dry, I had to re-do two nails as when I pulled the tape off the semi-wet polish came away with it, oops! My trick is to use a thin layer of Seche Vite to dry the base colour faster. 
I added the ColorPaints polish either side of the centre stripe, trying to include a gradient away from the middle, unfortunately my nails aren't really wide enough to get much of a contrast. I used two polishes for this step, O.P.I - Primarily Yellow* and Turquoise Aesthetic*. 

It didn't quite turn out as I expected but weirdly I do like the end result. There's something pleasing about the contrast between the clean white stripe and messy polish surrounding it. I don't often do an abstract mani but the ColorPaints collection seem to bring them out of me!

What do you think? Would you wear this design?

Jo x

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Big Fat Pandas

Do you ever think to yourself when painting a nail design 'how did this pop into my head?' That's exactly what I thought when I was doing this panda design. I genuinely have no idea how I went from 'oh it's probably time for me to do another cat design' to pandas. I'm kind of glad I did though as they are so cute and I adore this green shade from Barry M. It's just a bit random. Maybe it's my old age!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Wedding Inspired Vintage Roses

Sorry for the late post today, it's been one of those Mondays! The type that come around every week to be fair, poor Monday, it's never going to be the best day of our weeks. My design today is inspired by the event which seems to have taken over my life already, my wedding. I was determined not to get too carried away but it's just so fun planning everything. Ask me how I'm feeling about it in a year's time and you probably won't get the same answer! 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Another Rainy Day In London

What is up with the weather at the moment? I can't take it. I've never seen it this insane in London. One day it's hot and sunny, the next cold and rainy. How's a girl supposed to know what to wear?! More importantly, how am I supposed to take good outdoors pics of my nails when it's raining? Honestly this weather is ruining the hopes I had of taking a gazillion pics of designs in preparation for winter. In winter there isn't enough daylight to take decent pics so I had imagined doing some winter designs now in preparation. Not gonna happen if every time I go outside I get soaked. Argh!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Summery Navy Nails

Summery nails are gorgeous, but most are pastel or neon based. If you're not a fan of bright or pale colours you can still have beautiful summery nails, just try using navy! Navy is such an underrated summer shade but I love it.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Happily Ever After with Mavala

I have to admit that we hadn't heard of Mavala until their team contacted us recently. Never ones to turn down the offer of samples we agreed to test out their products for the blog. We expected a couple of polishes to try, but received a whole bag full of goodies, off to a good start!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bare Yourself With Rimnmel

Sooooo I went and bought new polish again after saying in my last post that I don't buy many any more. In my defence it is Rimmel's fault. They have brought out a new nude range and I am a complete sucker for nude shades. They are all over our Instagram newsfeed at the moment as well so I was really starting to feel left out! I just had to buy this (and another shade which I shall review later).

Now I didn't have too much of a choice when I went to Boots as they had sold out of most of the range and only had this and Soul Session left. Bare Yourself is probably the closest in the range to my skin but I wouldn't say it's a great match. It reminds me of those pencils when I was little called 'flesh' coloured. It veers on the side of peach which looks a little unnatural to me. Saying that, I kind of like it. Just not as a nude. 
I knew I wasn't feeling this as a nude polish when I decided to jazz things up with a little nail art. If I'd been completely happy I would have just left the colour. I added some simple polka dots and some little red holo hearts that I dug out of my goodies box. It's quite cute! 

Although it looks a bit dark in the bottle I actually think that Soul Session will be a better fit for me. I shall try it and let you know. Otherwise I think the whole range looks wearable for everyone. The muted tones may not necessarily suit your skin tone but I think you are bound to find something you will love. 

Have you found your perfect nail match?

Emma x
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