Monday, 24 November 2014

Nightshade Rhinestone Party

I've been experimenting with party looks recently what with it being the season and all. I decided to make use of a little rhinestone set I purchased on Amazon by creating a multi-coloured blinging accent nail. 
I paired the rhinestones with Barry M's Nightshade* which is a colour I have been loving recently. It seems a bit blacker in photos than it is in the flesh but it is pretty dark. However, I thought this offset the multi-coloured stones nicely. 

I only really use these kind of embellishments for one-off events as they are a bit clunky and don't tend to last long on my nails, even when I coat them with a clear polish. Luckily the set I purchased only cost me about £3 from Amazon so I don't feel too bad wasting them on one-time looks. They came in a handy pill box too which is good as previously I have got them on the end of cheap nail pens and always managed to spill them everywhere! 

How do you guys feel about rhinestones? 


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Easy Nail Art in 15 Minutes!

The lovely folk over at Rimmel sent us their Pop Art Top Coat* a little while ago which Emma showed you here. I finally got round to trying it out for myself this week - although my mani is nowhere near as awesome as Emma's. I was testing out using a funky polish topper to create a quick mani on the go. I completed these nails in about 15 minutes but due to the combination of mixed colours, polka dots and Pop Art Top Coat they look like they took much longer! 

I picked out three Barry M base colours - White, Blueberry Ice Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream and used two coats of each. Once dry I added a couple of coats of Rimmel's Pop Art Top Coat* on the white nails and sparse polka dots on the rest using a white nail art pen. Polka dots really are super easy, and the fuss free way to guaranteed cute nails. Finish it all off with your top coat of choice and your done - super quick and easy!

If you haven't got time to give your nails much attention a fun top coat is definitely the way to go! I love the colours in this Pop Art Top Coat*, especially the lime green as that's my fave colour. Rimmel also have some awesome glitters out for the festive period - perfect for jazzing up your winter mani and giving it a bit of oomph!


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Stars In Our Eyes

I was back at my parents house last week rooting through my old arts and crafts box when I came across some tiny little stars. I instantly knew I wanted to stick them to my nails! Stars are tricky on nails as the points tend to stick out from your nails a bit. Someone should make some slightly curved nail stars! I tried to counter this issue with about three coats of Seche and it was actually more successful than I anticipated.

Emma used Barry M - Watermelon recently in her foxy tutorial and I was jealous so I dug out my bottle. I wanted something quite understated to go with the silver stars as I knew they'd be quite blingy. They look awesome with this dark green polish, a perfect accent nail for party season!


Friday, 21 November 2014

Winter Green Tartan Nail Art

Tartan Nail Art
Earlier in the year I tried my hand at some tartan nail art. I liked the colour combo but I wasn't 100% pleased with the execution as it looked a bit clunky so I thought I'd give it another go. I was much happier with the result. 
Tartan Nail Art
This time I went for more of a classic tartan look with green, black, cream, and gold. I thought the colours were more suited for this time of year and also quite subtle for a wearable look. Colours used were: Coconut*, Barry M; Sew Psyched, Essie; Majesty*, Barry M; Black Nail Art Pen, Barry M.
Tartan Nail Art
To create the look I used two coats of Coconut* as a base colour. I then used a small brush to mark the grid pattern with my green polish. I did my vertical lines first. I then used a coat of Seche to help the polish dry as I am impatient and couldn't wait for them to dry naturally! Once the Seche had done its thing I drew the black lines and used another small brush to draw the gold lines. Last time I complained that the black lines looked a bit too wobbly but I tried this look with dead straight lines and it didn't look right. So for now I will stick to shaky lines in my tartan manis. 

Pretty happy with this but now I have loads of tartan ideas running through my head to create in time for Christmas!


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Barry M Glitterati Colour Match

A little while ago we swatched the new Barry M Glitterati range for you. We used coloured Barry M polishes for the base coats to really make them pop, but didn't include the names of these. A few people have asked us for the names now so we had a root through the Helmer to find them for you! 

think these are all the colours we used, some look a little odd but trust us they work. If you think I've got any of them wrong please let me know and I'll search again for the right colour! Also, if you've tested the Glitterati out with other base colours let us know what they are - we'd love to try some new combos.

We borrowed the polish photos from Barry M's website (thanks!) but some look a little different in real life so bear that in mind if you're looking for them on the shelf!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Winter Neon Spots

I'm not entirely sure where the inspiration for this pattern came from. I think it must have been another print on Pinterest but I'm not entirely sure. I really loved wearing neons in summer and wanted to find a way to incorporate them in winter without looking too full on. So when I came across this pattern I thought it was perfect. 
I used three OPI polishes to create this look: Life Gave Me Lemons*, I'm A Pool For Love*, and Yoga-Then-Yogurt*. I used a dotting tool to splodge on the neon yellow and then did the same over the top with the darker shade. I'm A Pool For Love* is a beautiful purply-navy with very fine glitter specks. If you don't have anything similar you could use black. It might look a little harsher but I think it'd still be cool. 

Who says you can't wear neon shades in winter? 


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Winter Florals

Firstly, I must apologise for the state of my nails, they just keep breaking at the moment. Despite my stubby nails I wanted to create a fun design to wear to work last Friday. I never get the chance to actually show off my designs in real life anymore!

I haven't done florals for ages, but they're a bit summery, so I decided to add a winter twist to them this time. By using a black base and dusty colours for the flowers you can make a floral design work perfectly for Autumn/Winter. The only problem with this design is it takes forever!

I started with two coats of Barry M - Espresso. Once this was dry I drew on the flowers and leaves in white using a nail art pen. Onto the white template I added the colours, Barry M - Ballerina* for the flowers and Rimmel - Round and Round the Garden for the leaves. I added highlights with Barry M - Vintage Violet* and the white nail art pen again. I mostly used a small brush for this design. 

It was my first time using a black base for florals and I'm so pleased with how they turned out. Super cute and perfect for this weather. I wore these nails to add a girly touch to a monochrome oufit of skinny jeans, leather boots and plain white tee. 

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